You may find yourself searching for he right law firm to represent you in a series personal injury matter that resulted in injury to yourself or others. This can lead to filing a personal injury claim that seems to never see the light of day because the Insurance involved will not just settle on “good will” alone. These cases can become complex, in which case, a seasoned personal injury lawyer is the person you want in your corner.
If you find yourself facing the following, it maybe time to Johnson and Johnson Law Firm a call.
1. Long Term Injury (including disabling injuries):
Insurance companies measure the injuries you sustained by the cost of medical bills incurred, and the length it took you to recover. With medical bills and other costs increasing, the more likely you are to reach the policy limits of the at-fault party’s insurance policy. If this happens these insurance companies will only be liable for the amount they can pay you. This means you may not receive the full amount you deserve. Johnson and Johnson law firm works to make sure you receive the full amount owes, taking the burden of dealing with these insurance companies off your plate!
2. Dealing with Insurance Companies:
Insurance companies often times will refuse to pay the full amount owed or just refuse to pay it at all. It’s also a possibility that these companies are engaged in “bad faith insurance tactics”. If this is the case, filing against the insurance company is a very complex process and hiring a personal injury attorney is strongly recommended. have outlined what this process looks like in their article “How To File A Bad Faith Insurance Claim.”
3. Too Many People Involved:
Finding it tricky to navigate between insurance companies and multiple parties involved in your claim? We get it, it’s complicated. Essentially if there was multiple people injured in your claim, there may not be enough settlement money to go around. You may also find that you receive insurance claims from other parties, making the process even more complex.If you have been injured in an accident and may be partially at-fault for the accident, you should contact seasoned Personal Injury Attorney to help with the matter.