When to hire a DUI attorney/lawyer?

If an individual is found to be charged with ‘Driving under the influence’, it is suggested to hire a ‘DUI attorney/lawyer’. However, you should take into consideration certain criteria’s before choosing one.

1. Picking attorneys or lawyers who focus their practice on DUI cases: There are many attorneys that practice criminal defense law. There are also many crimes that vary dramatically in complexity and severity from murder to driving without a valid license. Many attorneys, similar to other professionals such as doctors or accountants, focus the scope of their practice to one type of law. DUIs carry significant penalties and repercussions. It is highly recommended you select a lawyer that primarily focuses on DUI matters.

2. Years of experience: Another major factor to be considered is the overall practical experience of the lawyer in handling DUI cases. An attorney that has previously been a prosecutor of DUI cases has gained substantial experience as a result. Further, the amount of years of practice should also be considered in evaluating whether an attorney has gained necessary experience in handling DUI matters.

3. Majority of the DUI cases end up in plea bargains: Achieving a fair deal is purely based on the skill, knowledge, and experience of an attorney. If you would prefer to go for a trial, you might require the help of an attorney who has years of trial experience.

4. Initial consultation with an attorney: There are quite a few attorneys who focus on DUI cases provide a free consultation to their prospective clients during the initial stages. In such cases, it is better to spare some time by arranging a face-to-face meeting with the attorney. Most of them would offer you an opportunity to answer to your questions and check whether there are any issues with respect to compatibility. Post navigation ← Finding a Personal Injury Attorney DUI. What